The Relationship Management Group for HE Libraries is a national group of information professionals with primary responsibility for leading and managing teams for whom liaison and relationship management with academic and support staff  is integral to their role.

The Group:

  • Provides virtual and physical forums and events for members to discuss strategic confidence
  • Seeks partnerships with existing national bodies to promote and support those events
  • Identifies and advocates for staff development opportunities for all people in liaison roles

The work of the Group is co-ordinated by a Steering Group.  The members of the Steering Group are currently:

  • Michelle Blake (University of York) Group Chair
  • Dominic Broadhurst (University of Manchester)
  • Phil Cheeseman (Lancaster University)
  • Kay Grieves (University of Sunderland)
  • Lisa Haddow (University of Stirling)
  • Anne Pietsch (University of Roehampton)
  • Dave Puplett (University of Kent)